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Design Problem Presentation

Created by Ty Fairclough / @tyfairclough

Once upon a time…

Agony aunt

Story telling

Shared understanding


Who are they?

Probable users

  • Early Adopters
  • Foodies

Possible future users

  • Party Planners
  • Travellers
  • Men Courting
  • The list goes on...

Who is our most valuable user?

User Group Reach Value Cost Total
Early Adopters 1 1 1 1
FOODies 1 3 2 6
General Public 3 1 1 3
Travellers 2 2 1 4

Based off assumptions. Research those assumptions and update the table.

You are not the user

Remember, even if you are a user, you're not the user. Sanity check all your assumptions, always.

So what did users say?

I asked 100 users how they last ordered a take away…

Google opinion survey results

I also source users to solicit feedback, either remotely or in person. Moderated, Guerrilla, what ever it takes!

My Story

My Story

Q: Tell me about a time you ordered take away

A: Friday night I had an Indian take away.
I ordered a Tandoori Feast, Dhansak and Biriyani

Q: Why did you order a take away?

A: It had been a long week and Karly had a tough day at work

Q: Why did a tough day make you order take away?

A: So we could relax and unwind

Q: Why was it important to relax and unwind?

A: Because I wanted tomorrow to be a better day

404 on investigative questioning

People by nature are typically keen to help and validate, often what they say is entirely different to what they do.

No pitching

To avoid finding false positives in your research you should never ask leading questions.

404 on investigative questioning

Start with…

Tell me about a time when…

404 on investigative questioning


Why Why Why

Asking why can really dig to the route cause and not just the front facing problem. Drill in enough and you get great catch lines for marketing and promotion.



Dish based search

  • (RIP)

What happened to

The death of

  • Silicon Valley love child
  • Featured on Tech Crunch
  • Adopted by friends & early adopters in Silicon Valley
  • But nobody else
  • Didn't solve a problem people were having

What can we learn?

  • The Lovers (Innovators) and the Irrationals (Early Adopters) give a false impression of long term success
  • The Efficients (Early Majority) are the real first signs of progress with you product
  • The importance of validating ideas with real users without pitching

Read more about the Adoption Curve from Jeff Bonforte in his book Crossing the Chasm

User Story Mapping

Why it rocks

  • For creating shared understanding
  • For telling stories, not writing
  • For rationalising work flows
  • For planning (at any scale)
  • For making stories INVEST

A bad workman always blames his tools

An effective workman uses the best tools

  • Card Sorting
  • SuS survey (if I really have to)
  • NPS (A nice vanity metric when used with trending)
  • User studies (moderated/un-moderated)
  • UXpin - wireframes, basic prototypes
  • HTML/CSS/JS - interactive prototypes/live data prototypes
  • Expert Review
  • A/B Testing
  • 404 Buttons

There's more!



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